Like any other application store, ACMarket needs to be connected to the Internet for downloads. If you are not connected, you will not be able to navigate through its different sections or consult information on applications, games, or other content. Connection problems can occur for several reasons. Below, we look at different reasons why you may be having difficulties using ACMarket.

First, we will focus on your WiFi connection. Maybe you disabled it for some reason and your mobile data network does not have enough coverage. Activate WiFi on your device and connect to your regular network. If this does not work, Internet access may be failing. In that case, restart the router and wait for it to reconnect. These two steps should solve most connection problems.

As for the mobile data, Android lets it be activated and deactivated. Check that you did not deactivate it by mistake and that your smartphone is correctly connected to the network. You can activate or deactivate the data use from the quick settings by scrolling down the status bar.

If after all these steps, ACMarket is still not working, we must find out if any software component is blocking it. First, we recommend that you clear the cache of the application. You can do this from the application tab in the Android Settings section. You should also check that you have space available in the memory of your phone. Otherwise, ACMarket will not be able to download new applications. On the other hand, you must disable any kind of security application. They block, in many cases, the connections of applications of dubious reputation.

If after all these checks, ACMarket still fails, make sure that you can browse the Internet and that other applications are working properly. This way, you will find out if it is a problem with the device or of the application itself. In the latter case, delete it and reinstall it again. We also recommend you to restart the entire system. These steps should solve virtually any connectivity problem.