Keeping our applications up to date is very important if we want to keep our device healthy and prevent it from becoming vulnerable to external attacks. ACMarket is not on Google Play, so we will not enjoy automatic updates. However, there are two very simple ways to keep it in the latest version.

How to update ACMarket from Malavida

First, find the ACMarket icon among your applications and tap it for a long time.

ACMarket in the application trayACMarket in the application tray

In the menu that will open, tap on App info.

App menuApp menu

On the ACMarket information screen, scroll to the end. Check the version you have installed and write down this number.

Version of the applicationVersion of the application

Now, open the ACMarket tab in Malavida by tapping on the Download button at the bottom of this page. Next, find below which version is available for download. If the number is higher than the version you have installed, you must update ACMarket. If the number is the same you wrote down in the previous steps, it is up-to-date. In case you need to update, tap on Download.

ACMarket’s latest version and downloadACMarket’s latest version and download

Select Download again.

Page to download ACMarketPage to download ACMarket

In the browser dialog, choose Download.

Browser’s download dialogBrowser’s download dialog

Open the downloaded file by tapping on Open.

Open APK downloaded through the browserOpen APK downloaded through the browser

Install the application by tapping on Install.

Installing the app on AndroidInstalling the app on Android

Once you receive the message App installed, ACMarket will be updated. You can open it by tapping on Open.

Open ACMarketOpen ACMarket

How to update ACMarket from within the application

The other way to keep up to date with the latest version of this application store is by using its own system. To do this, open ACMarket and then open the side menu by tapping on the user icon.

Open side menuOpen side menu

From the side menu, select Settings.

Settings sectionSettings section

Now, tap on Version info. If the message Your version is current appears, it means that you already have the latest version.

ACMarket is up to dateACMarket is up to date

However, if there is a new version, a window will appear informing you about new features it includes. Tap on Install to install it.

Notification of a new updateNotification of a new update

In the dialog, you will see below, select Install.

Installing the updateInstalling the update

After this simple process, ACMarket will be updated to the latest version.