ACMarket is a huge application market. Many of those apps have been modified to get certain paid features or benefits for free. Also, we find other types of content, such as books. On the other hand, the application itself integrates some useful functions. For example, we have a virus scanner or a storage optimizer.

To start using ACMarket, you must download its Apk. You can do this directly from this page, where you will find the most recent version. Once installed and open, ACMarket will welcome us by asking us for some permissions. To continue, tap on OK.

Welcome screenWelcome screen

Now, the application will ask us for permission to make calls. This permission is not essential and we advise you not to grant it. In any case, select Allow to allow and Deny to reject.

Permission to manage callsPermission to manage calls

The next permission to be granted is access to storage. This one is a must. Otherwise, ACMarket will not download applications to our device. Choose Allow to grant it.

Permission to access our storagePermission to access our storage

You are now on the ACMarket home screen.

Home screenHome screen

Although it is not essential, to access some extra functions, you need a user. Let us show to create one.

How to create an account at ACMarket

First, open the side menu by tapping on the user icon.

Open user menuOpen user menu

Now, tap on Login.

Menu to log inMenu to log in

Enter your email address and tap on Continue.

Starting to sign up for ACMarketStarting to sign up for ACMarket

Choose a pseudonym. Use the Continue button to continue the process.

Choose a nicknameChoose a nickname

Select your country. Tap on Continue.

Choose your countryChoose your country

Enter your age and tap on Continue.

Choose your ageChoose your age

Choose your gender. Tap on Continue.

Choose your genderChoose your gender

ACMarket now lets you create a customized avatar. Use the different options at the bottom of the screen to customize it to your liking. Once you are done, tap on Finish.

Create an avatarCreate an avatar

Set a password. It must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 32. Tap on Continue for the last time.

Create a passwordCreate a password

Once this is done, you will have a user account at ACMarket that unlocks some exclusive features.

How to download and install applications with ACMarket

The main mission of ACMarket is to provide software downloads to the user. It is easy to start downloading content. To start, locate the application you want to install. We will take as an example WhatsApp, a popular application that has not been modified. On the main screen, locate the search bar.

ACMarket’ search boxACMarket’ search box

Type Whatsapp and tap on enter.

Search for WhatsAppSearch for WhatsApp

Among a large list of utilities and accessory applications, you can find the official version of WhatsApp. To start the download, tap on the arrow icon on the right.

Start the downloadStart the download

Tap on Free Download.

Free download of WhatsApp from ACMarketFree download of WhatsApp from ACMarket

After watching an announcement, the download will start. You can check its status on the notification bar.

Progress of the download of an applicationProgress of the download of an application

Once the Apk is available, the installation starts automatically. Tap on Install to continue.

Installing WhatsAppInstalling WhatsApp

If we see the message App Installed the process has been successfully completed. Select the Open option to open the application.

Open the application you’ve just installedOpen the application you’ve just installed

How the rest of the functions of ACMarket work

ACMarket has some other features that are worth mentioning. Next, we make a brief review of the application so that you can learn how it works.

On the initial screen, you will have access to the most important categories.

Featured categoriesFeatured categories

We can also access the download manager by tapping on the top right corner.

Access the download managerAccess the download manager

In that section, it is possible to check which applications we have installed and if there are updates available. We also have a summary of the storage status.

Download managerDownload manager

Back on the main screen, we focus on the bottom bar. We have quick access to the home page called Cake, to a forum where users participate, Topic, and a mini-game called Bingo.

Lower menuLower menu

However, it is in the user menu where we find most of the functions of ACMarket. To open it, we must tap on our avatar.

User menuUser menu

In the menu, we find different options that are not currently available. This is the Become a VIP option or the virtual wallet that launches messages like This function is not available now.

Functions not availableFunctions not available

The sections Apps and Games and App update bring us to the same place: the download manager we have accessed from the home screen.

Access to the download manager in the user menuAccess to the download manager in the user menu

The Gift code option lets you redeem codes, App request shows a form where you can request missing applications, and Settings lets you modify some additional features.

Other ACMarket sectionsOther ACMarket sections

Finally, Phone Assistant deserves our attention. This section is like a small Swiss army knife where we can clean the storage of our phone, check the installed applications for viruses, or consult those we have marked as favorites.

Telephone assistant functionTelephone assistant function

To start a scan of the apps we have installed with ACMarket, tap on Virus Scan.

Virus scannerVirus scanner

Then, select the application you want to scan.

Choose an app to be scannedChoose an app to be scanned

On-screen, you will get a complete report with information from different websites dedicated to virus detection.

Complete WhatsApp reportComplete WhatsApp report

As for the storage optimizer, tap on System Cleaner to start it.

Storage cleanerStorage cleaner

Tap on Clean all and ACMarket will clean up any unnecessary data.

Clear unnecessary files from ACMarketClear unnecessary files from ACMarket

With this guide, you will learn how to get the most out of ACMarket.