Is ACMarket safe?

Yes, ACMarket is a completely safe application. By installing it, our device will not be infected with any virus or malicious code. There are several reasons to be convinced that this is so. One of them is that, during all its years of existence, there have been no warnings about bad practices or serious vulnerabilities denounced by the users' community.

On the other hand, the developers of this alternative application store claim that they scan any uploaded content to discover security issues. Also, ACMarket does not require root privileges, so we do not access sensitive areas of our phone storage without permission. Likewise, to have or have had an application such as ACMarket installed does not void the warranty of our device.

Now, up to this point, we have only focused on the security of the ACMarket itself. However, from this store, we can download lots of applications, games, and books that were created by other developers. Most of this content has been modified to circumvent limitations, remove advertising, or obtain paid services for free. Despite the review that ACMarket carries out, it cannot be guaranteed that these contents are one hundred percent safe.

It is very important that, as individuals, we study these apps with common sense before downloading. This will help us to be careful with what we install and avoid granting too many permissions to applications installed from ACMarket or installing applications we do not really need.

In conclusion, there are no risks involved in installing and using ACMarket. However, the same cannot be said about the content it offers, which is by no means totally safe.