ACMarket is an alternative app store that lets us download apps, games, and other resources for free. Its working is very similar to other stores, such as Google Play. It has a huge database where we can find both official versions and modified versions of the most popular applications and games.

It is uncertain who is behind this store's development. Also, many other details are unclear, such as exactly when it started operating, although its first records date back to 2018. Its official website is difficult to identify due to a large number of copies. Therefore, be careful when downloading its APK. If you want to download and install it safely, we recommend that you use the Malavida link at the end of this article.

One of its most popular features is the ability to download a large number of mods. This is a term that refers to games and applications that have been modified by a third party. Usually, these modifications are aimed at providing access to premium features for free.

In order to understand this better, we can look at the example of Spotify. If we install the modified version offered by ACMarket, we will not have ads, we can listen to music in high fidelity, and skip the shuffle mode without having a premium account. Obviously, these practices are not legal and are done by strangers.

It is also possible to use ACMarket to download the APK of our favorite applications. When you download one of them, its installation file is stored locally in our phone's memory. Also, ACMarket works like a conventional application store, offering unmodified applications, such as WhatsApp, DuckDuckGo Browser, or Trello. Its download manager will notify us when there is a new version of each application we have installed.

In short, ACMarket is mainly a big mod market for those who want to avoid paying for certain services or digital goods. However, it works as an excellent app store that can be used on any Android device as an alternative to Google Play.