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Active Pixels is an image and photo editor that it can be a free alternative to the heavy and less adaptable Photoshop. Download Active Pixels for free

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If you think that Adobe Photoshop is an application that is too much for you and you don't make the most of all of its features, but you do dominate its interface, it is possible that Active Pixels will convince you to leave aside the enormous and heavy editor by Adobe.

  Like in any other image editor, Active Pixels includes the basic features, like working with layers, redimensioning and rotating the images, pasting, moving and even applying all kinds of filters. It is also possible to blur an image or even add noise, sparkles, and some more eye-catching effects. Of course, all this with a really simple interface and where everything is exactly where it should, not like other editors where finding an option requires you to browse between several menus and windows.

  Furthermore, as a good photo editor, it allows you to play around with the contrast, brightness and the tones, adjustments that can also be left in automatic mode.

  Active Pixels can't compete with more professional editing applications, but it is true that it can perfectly cover the needs of the great majority of users.
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