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By downloading Ad Muncher you can say goodbye to adverts while you surf the net. Ad Muncher also blocks pop-ups and adverts in several different programmes

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For sure, now and again, you have had to suffer the nuisance of browsing a web full of adverts, commercial banners and pop-ups. With Ad Muncher you can get rid of them easily.

It blocks all sorts of adverts on webs and in programmes.

Ad Muncher is considered the final advert blocker software. Not only is its functioning effective on web pages, but it also useful to remove commercial notices from the prgrammes installed on your PC.

Main functions available on Ad Muncher

  • Blocker software that works on almost any browser: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Avant Browser, etc.
  • Filtering of sites pre-configured on the application.
  • Removal of pop up windows.
  • Improvement of the loading speed of web pages, as it avoids the download of advertising contents.
  • Supression of adverts in programmes such as Pando, Morpheus, iMesh, SopCast and others.
  • Protection against the tracking of your behaviour on the Internet.

Download Ad Muncher and discover the advantages of using your favourite programmes without annoying notices or browsing without viewing invasive adverts.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a trial version with use limited to 30 days.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Murray Hurps Software Pty Ltd
Over a year ago
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