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The Ada application is a digital health guide that helps users answer the most frequent questions about our ailments without the need to see a doctor

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Imagine Baymax, the robot from the Disney movie Big Hero 6 was real. Well, this app is a reduced version of the medical diagnostic service (without warm hugs, though, unfortunately).

Whether you're squeamish or one of those who avoids going to the doctor as much as they can, this fantastic medical tool will get you out of a tight spot. Would you like to get a quick diagnosis? Download the APK file while we tell you how it works.

It can help you, your family and your friends assess symptoms and get personalized health reports.

What hurts?

Ada is a digital health guide developed by scientists and medical doctors that answers your medical questions and makes a quick diagnosis based on your symptoms. However, it is important to be clear that this platform does not replace a doctor under any circumstance.

The system of this app is straightforward. With a minimalist and elegant interface, the assistant will ask users a series of questions that you must answer honestly. Depending on your answers, the app will ask you more personalized questions until all our symptoms fit with some disease or illness.

Developed by doctors and scientists, Ada knows thousands of symptoms and medical conditions.

All the questions are easy to answer, so you don't have to worry about coming across anything unusual. Plus, some include explanations and even pictures to help you respond more accurately.

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?

At the end of the questionnaire, the app will provide you a quick diagnosis and the potential causes of your sickness. It also gives you guidelines to follow, which always include the advice to go to a doctor that can examine you more effectively. Because this app is not a doctor, keep that in mind. Ada will also show you possible treatments and their risks.

However, it is an excellent method to quickly answer any health questions you may have and give you some peace of mind. Plus, you can keep track of your symptoms and follow them up over time. This way, when you go to the doctor, you can give him or her more accurate and complete information than just "I am not sure."

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