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Whether you are a floundering teacher or the teacher of the year, Additio is a wonderful notebook which will help you manage and plan your classes

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These days, we have access to so much information that we live constantly disinformed. The same thing happens with management tools: we have so many available to us, that in the end we don't use any of them. However, every professional needs their own planner to get organized as efficiently as possible. Additio is one of the most complete tools especially aimed at teachers.

From planning, to your students' grades, Additio App centralizes all of your class management on a simple and easy-to-use application.

Gather all your class information on one single app

If you find it difficult to get organized, you will be able to simplify your management using this tool. This is where you will able to add all the information that a teacher needs in order to be efficient. This way, you will have access at all times to your student lists, records, grades, etc. Moreover, you will be able to access your account from your smarphone, your tablet, and your PC. But what can this application help you do?

  • Plan your lessons by sessions.
  • Create personalized templates.
  • Open all kinds of resources, like text files, PDF files, and even access Google Drive.
  • View your student lists, where you will be able to add attendance, comments, calendars and timetables.
  • Communicate with parents and students.
  • Work out grade averages.
  • Write personal notes and manage your management.
  • Organize your lessons.

Meanwhile, there are also plans for educational centers and schools with access for teachers, parents, and students. One thing for sure is that this app will prove very useful if you are a teacher, but keep in mind that it requires a payment subscription in order to be able to use it.

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