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Thanks to Adobe AIR you will have a wide range of applications on your desktop. Download Adobe AIR and discover surprising widgets on your desktop

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A few years have gone by since Adobe AIR started favoring the development of desktop applications. Thus, at a time when web applications were predominant in the networking world, Adobe provided a way to enjoy all kinds of Internet applications without requiring to use a browser.

Bring the best of the web to your desktop

Adobe AIR has great advantages, both for developers that can implement any kind of application without having to worry about the operating system it is going to be used on, as well as for users that can enjoy surprising widgets on their desktop.

For this purpose, it is necessary to install this technology on your computer, and from the very first moment, you will have access to a vast amount of desktop applications that have already been developed. You will be able to find a sample on the Adobe website, with widgets such as Snackr, EarthBrowser, KIDO'Z, Thumbplay Music, AccuWeather, etc.

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