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Adobe InCopy is a professional tool focused on text editing that integrates perfectly with the Adobe InDesign layout tool, download and try it now

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Adobe InCopy is a text processor that has been developed to integrate into the workflow of the graphic design and document layout application, Adobe InDesign.

It can work as an independent application, and be used like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Write, but the real power and versatility of Adobe InCopy are shown when it is used to prepare texts that we have to layout with InDesign.

Tool for writers and editors

Since both tools share the same composition engine, Adobe guarantees perfect consistency when we send a text from one application to the other, maintaining identical advanced parameters (typography, format, line jumps, etc.).

The ideal text processor to work together with Adobe's pack of graphical edition and layout tools.

But the most interesting feature is the possibility to work simultaneously from both applications on the same text, thus, while one department draws up an article or text, the design department can work on the layout of the text in the general document.

This innovating productivity feature enhances the workflow, allowing greater agility and speed when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The 30-day trial version of Adobe Creative Cloud offers 2GB of cloud storage and limited access to services.
  • The download allows you to launch the installation of Creative Cloud Connection and the rest of Adobe services.
  • Runs on Windows 7 and above.
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