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Adobe Reader is the most popular PDF file reader. If you want to use it on Linux, download Adobe Reader free and you will be able to view PDF files properly

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Adobe Reader is a tool to view PDF files that can't be missing on your computer if you want to be able to read this kind of file. In the last couple of decades, this program has been the most popular solution to be able to view PDF files. Adobe Reader, previously known as Acrobat Reader, was the first application that allowed us to view and print PDF files without having to resort to Adobe Acrobat, and with the popularization of this format, the programs success was assured.

  Nowadays, many important documents travel over the Internet, and the PDF format has become the most secure way to do this. Furthermore the PDF is the format that's usually chosen to print documents, because what we seen on our computer's screen will be an accurate representation of what will be printed.

  With Adobe Reader we'll be able to view and print PDF documents, browse with ease through enormous files, perform searches through bookmarks or send our documents securely.

  Adobe Reader is an essential program to view the PDF files that you have on your Linux.
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