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Advanced System Tweaker is a tool to will carry out complex system changes for the user. Improve the performance of your PC with Advanced System Tweaker

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Advanced System Tweaker is a program that integrates various tools to improve the performance of a computer and optimize the system. As a PC is used certain changes that affect its performance and speed take place. For example, the Windows registry starts filling up with obsolete/invalid entries, or the hard drive fills up with useless files. If you don't have the necessary computing knowledge to carry out advanced changes you can also resort to Advanced System Tweaker.

Possibilities offered by Advanced System Tweaker

This application can access configurations that a common user would not be able to access due to lack of advanced computing knowledge. Advanced System Tweaker divides its adjustments to two large areas: maintenance and speed.

In maintenance is offers the possibility to check and repair the hard drives, defragment the space, eliminate temporary files and check the system files. In the speed adjustments it will be possible to carry out changes that affect the system's general speed, that of the networks as well as the services response time.

To sum up, Advanced System Tweaker offers the user 37 system adjustments with the added bonus of being able to increase their number by installing program complements.

Improve how your computer works, download Advanced System Tweaker free.
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