Advanced Uninstaller

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Advanced Uninstaller is a complete pack of tools to uninstall applications. Download Advanced Uninstaller and completely clean all your computer's trash

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Advanced Uninstaller is a pack of applications and utilities that will help you to maintain your system as clean, organized and optimized as possible. The first surprise of Advanced Uninstaller PRO is its interface, very elaborate and yet as clear as possible, to help even the less experienced users. All of the tools work by means of assistants, and they are really easy to use.

Functions included

  • General where you will find utilities to uninstall, clean shortcuts, manage fonts, web tools and a quick cleaner.
  • Folders and Files with utilities to search for duplicate files, temporary files and others.
  • Internet Browsers. Since they are programs that are so complete and commonly used, a few optimization tools always come in handy.
  • Registry: the Windows registry cleaning, defragmentation, and scanning tools are all in this category.
  • Extra is that category in which you will be able to find all kinds of tools for your system.

The truth is that Advanced Uninstaller PRO is extremely complete and the ease with which the assistants solve any problem is particularly noteworthy.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This trial version lasts for 20 days.
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Antony Peel
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