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AdWords Editor will allow you to manage and direct your Adwards advertising campaigns from your desktop. Download AdWords Editor to your PC for free

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AdWords is the platform used by Google to insert publicity on websites. If you own a website and use this publicity system, you will be very happy to be able to use AdWords Editor, a free application that Google offers its users to manage their publicity campaigns from their desktop without any need for an Internet connection.

Optimize and improve your publicity campaigns.

From AdWords Editor you will be able to access your account and download your campaigns. Once you have done this, you can modify them freely With the help of the editing tools that it has to offer and upload the changes when you have an Internet connection.


  • Allows you to work with you AdWords campaigns offline.
  • Modify campaigns, groups or individual adverts, keywords, locations...
  • Perform changes to your campaigns massively in very little time.
  • Copy and move elements from your campaigns freely.
  • Quickly access your account and browse between different sections.
  • Check the changes with other users and find out what they think.
  • Carry out complete analyses of your campaigns.

Work offline and synchronize the changes later

Not all AdWords users are happy having to work with the web interface. That is why Google offers them a desktop application for this purpose. All you have to do is download the data of your account and start working.

All your advertising campaigns will be perfectly organized and ready to be edited however you deem necessary and whenever you want. Afterwards, you will be able to synchronize the contents. If you are an Adwords user, download AdWords Editor, an essential application.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It is necessary to have an AdWords account to use the application.
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