The phenomenon started with this online version. Play at eating the small ones and escaping from the large predators straight from your web browser

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It's becoming a trend that games with basic graphics and simple graphics are a great success. The online game has caught the eye of many Internet users and hooked on thousands of people with a very simple idea: eat smaller blobs than yourself in order to grow, while you avoid the large ones that want to eat you.

Eat and avoid being eaten.

Why is it so much fun to play

Easy. Feeling that someone is chasing after you everywhere sure gets the adrenalin going. Each gamer will see how his colorful blob grows gradually, becoming stronger, but also slower, so he'll have to sharpen his wits to be able to increase his score while he remains surrounded by other players from all over the world eager to eat him up.

As you can see, it might turn out being a much more complex game than it seems. The player will have to plan his strategy depending on his speed and size, and make the most of other elements such as the board's edge or the green viruses to be able to survive.

Access's web and start a colorful adventure. Better if you haven't got anything to do because it's addictive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can access as a guest or by means of a Facebook account.
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