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Tons of monkey herds want to launch a rocket into space and find bananas in Age of Apes, a fun and free MMO strategy game application for Android devices

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In the year 2036, a war destroyed humanity. The only creatures that survived in a world of ruins were monkeys, abandoned to their fate in a world without bananas. But not everything was lost.

Survivors were separated into six clans and decided to build a rocket to travel to the big banana that awaits them in space (which is the moon in a rising phase, but they do not know it). Of course, to conquer space travel, they will need our help.

Human's world is over, the Age of the Ape has arrived!

A bananas space adventure

The Tap4fun studio offers us this interesting strategy game where we always have something to do. Before starting our adventure in Age of Apes, and after downloading the APK file, we must choose one of the six clans. Each one has different characteristics, and this will be important to define our game.

From here on, we will have to manage our settlement. We will do this through the classic method of resource management and building construction. Also, we will have to raise an army and train our troops to fight and loot from other clans.

Be part of the best horde, fight other apes, and explore the galaxy before others!

The final goal is to lead the space race in this post-apocalyptic world. But it will not be easy, since we will have to explore the world to find and discover components for building our rocket. And we will have to do it while facing white mutants.

Besides, we can establish alliances with other players and face others in PvP battles. The possibilities it offers us are numerous. On the other hand, its 3D graphics are gorgeous, and everything is impregnated with healthy humor that will make you burst a laugh.

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