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Agent Ransack is a search engine that can find many files with great speed. Find any file on your hard drive after you download Agent Ransack for free

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It is possible that after moving files or simply over time, you misplace a file because you can't remember where you had stored it or because you can't remember its name. That is when you resort to a tool like Agent Ransack.

  This program quickly searches your hard drive to locate any file name that contains the desired text. To carry out the search, Agent Ransack allows you to choose the folders that are going to be analyzed, the selection of minimum and maximum file sizes and, even, the data on which it was created or modified.

  As well as searching for files, Agent Ransack offers you the possibility to search for a text extract within the hard drive's files and show the sentence in which it can be found directly in the program's interface, having support for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files, something that can save you a lot of time, because it won't be necessary for you to open the files with different programs to locate a specific word or sentence.

  Therefore, if you want to find any text or file, download and install Agent Ransack.
Requirements and additional information:
This application is free for personal use only.
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