Create your family tree with all the help provided by Ages!. This software will allow you to add as many family members as you want with any relation

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Many families have lost all contact will distant relatives over time, and everyone has cousins or other relatives in other cities or even other countries that are forgotten after a certain period of time or generations, nevertheless, having a complete family tree is always a great satisfaction for the majority of families. Ages! is a program that will help whoever wants to complete their family tree easily.

  Once the program is installed we will be able to add as many family members as we want, related with one another whoever we want. What's more, Ages! allows to add a lot of data about each person that we add, obtaining a very complete family database.

  What's more, it is possible to add notes to any relation or person, as well as position on the map their place of residence, thus locating each family member in their environment, something very useful if the family is scattered all over the world.

  If you want to organize all your family tree and have if stored and complete, Ages! will help you to easily perform this task, even though finding and inputting the data about your family will be up to you.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limited functions.
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3 months ago
3 months ago
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