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Retsuko is a long-suffering employee of a commercial company in which she gets stuck with redecorating the office. Our mission in Aggretsuko is to help her

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After featuring in her own Netflix anime, the iconic character from Sanrio (the creator of Hello Kitty) takes the leap to mobiles in this really enjoyable match-3 puzzle game. Our mission: to lend a hand to our favorite red panda in order to help her refurbish the office and create facilities that will be liked by all of the employees.

Interior decorating and match-3 puzzles

No doubt the story rings a bell. Retsuko is a cute red panda who is 25 and single and works in the accounting department of the company Carrier Man. Day after day, she travels to work on the packed subway, puts up with the hissy fits of her bosses, and gets pushed around by coworkers. All the stress that builds up inside is vented at night at the karaoke bar singing along to death metal.

One fine day, it occurs to one of her bosses to completely refurbish the office in order to create a workspace that all the employees will like. The problem is that nobody wants to take on the job. Of course, poor Retsuko gets landed with it and we will have to help her out.

Collect stars in the puzzles and create the ideal office for everyone!

The gameplay in Aggretsuko involves solving match-3 puzzles in order to get stars. The puzzle design is adorable; we will play with the heads of office characters and with office materials. In each level, we will have to reach the set goal before running out of movements. As per usual in this kind of game, if we manage to join three or more blocks we will get a power-up that will help us destroy more pieces.

We will be able to use the stars to buy items to decorate the office and choose the type of ambiance we want to create. However, we will also be able to opt for automatic decoration and just concentrate on the puzzles. The goal is to create off-the-wall ambiances on several floors of a building where, in the end, no-one works (except for Retsuko).

Meanwhile, as we progress we will be able to unlock excerpts of chapters from the Japanese animation series. Whether we have seen the anime or not, we will have a whale of a time watching the cute Retsuko let off steam by singing death metal. And all we need to do is download the APK file!

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
HIVE Co., Ltd.
138.1 MB

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