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Find out what kind of activity each of your Firefox tabs has by using Aging Tabs. Download Aging Tabs and manage your browser with a simple glance

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One of the features that makes Firefox the preferred browser of many users is the possibility it offers to add extensions that increase its functionality. Aging tabs is one of these extensions, and is used to find out how long a tab has been open without having been accessed.

Manage your browser with a glance

Aging Tabs is an add-on that helps the user out when it comes to managing browser tabs in a very visual way. The method used to determine how long a tab has been open without having been accessed is by using a change of color.


  • Adjust the colors to be used.
  • Option to indicate how long it takes for a tab to "age".
  • Choose between text or tab background to be highlighted.

Don't hesitate to download Aging Tabs if you want to make better use of your browser and get rid of the tabs that you don't use.

Aging Tabs
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