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aGuitar Pro will show you everything that is necessary to play the guitar or bass guitar. Learn to play the guitar or bass guitar, download aGuitar Pro

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This is one of the best and most complete programs available to learn how to play the guitar and the bass. aGuitar Pro includes in one same program applications and exercises that could be perfectly divided into several programs.

  With aGuitar Pro we can practice any kind of scale, chord, or key to improve the gracefulness of our fingers' movements over the strings. Furthermore, the program includes the explanations to each of the exercises so that we can learn music easily. We can even use the chord generator to obtain examples.

  Among the exercises that have been included, we have many that refer to the chords, their memorization and how to improve recognizing them.

  With the intention of making the rhythm exercises better, aGuitar Pro also includes several MIDI files that simulate a music band with four instruments: drum, piano, guitar, bass, thus we'll be able to rehearse and practice without problems.

  Thus, with aGuitar Pro, there are no more excuses to avoid learning how to play the guitar.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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