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If you are interested in aviation or want to know if your family's flight will arrive on time, Air Traffic can show you all the air traffic on the planet

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Aviation and air traffic interest and attract the attention of many people, whether they like plane mechanics, the different models, the airlines, or their hundreds of destinations. For all these people, there is a type of application today that they will find most interesting and entertaining: flight trackers.

Air Traffic for Android is one of these applications. Thanks to it, users can check out all the planes in the air in real-time and check their exact location, route, and all the available information about the flight.

Check whether the plane you are waiting for has taken off on time, or it is delayed.

Main features

  • The app shows the map of the world with all the flights in the air in real-time.
  • Each flight shows the time of departure and arrival, the airline, and a photo of the plane model.
  • It lets users search by flight number.
  • In many cases, you can also see the altitude, speed, and course of the aircraft.
  • Users can configure different units and the type of map.
Requirements and additional information:
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