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Become an air traffic controller and manage passenger flights in real airports in Airport Madness 3D, a realistic mobile simulator for Android devices

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Being an air traffic controller requires nerves of steel, the ability to multi-task, and a strong will. If you think this is an ideal job for you, the Big Fat Simulations studio offers us a game where we can test the experience with a quite realistic tone.

Controls air traffic from the control tower

Airport Madness 3D is an air traffic controller simulator for smartphones where we must control the air traffic of an airport. In this way, we must control that each plane takes off, lands, and parks properly at the same time that we avoid collisions and make sure that each flight arrives on time.

This game has been developed by real-world air traffic controllers!

To do this, we have three types of controls: touch, slide, and zoom. It also has four game modes:

  • Continuous. Choose the flow of air traffic, with no limit to the number of crashes.
  • Traffic under construction. Traffic will be low at first, but will gradually increase.
  • Race against the clock. How many planes can you manage in 15 minutes?
  • Move 100. Move 100 planes with the air traffic you choose.

On a technical level, its three-dimensional graphics are quite decent, and it also includes realistic sound effects, so it offers us a completely immersive experience. And also, we will be able to play in real airports, such as La Guardia International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport.

Perhaps, it is not the funniest simulator in the Android catalog, but the proposal is extremely interesting. If we have ever been curious about the profession of air traffic controllers, this may be the first approach.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Big Fat Simulations Inc.
This year
140 MB

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