Airs is the perfect tool for any TV series follower. Download Airs free to organize your TV series and find out when each of the chapters will be aired

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Adverts, inconvenient scheduling,... are some of the inconveniences that the followers of many television series find, without having to say how difficult it is to enjoy a TV series that is broadcast abroad, due to the amount of time that we may have to wait till they broadcast is in our country (if they ever get round to doing so).

  The best option is to have a good Internet connection, that will allow us to access our favorite series whenever we want and without adverts. But, keeping track of everything that we are watching: how long a season is, the episodes that we have already seen, the episodes that are going to be available soon,... , can become a very difficult task, specially when we are fans of multiple TV series.

  To do so, we have Airs (Automatic Series Monitor), a lightweight application that we can use to maintain all the TV series that we are following well organized. To do so, we only have to add the title of each one of the series that we follow and resort to websites like or, that will maintain us up to date of the new episodes or they will even help us to download the episodes that are available.

  With Airs, you no longer have any excuse not to have your favorite TV series up to date and organize them.
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