Akinator Online

Akinator promises you a good time a quite a few laughs. Think about a complicated character, answer the questions asked by Akinator and put him to the test

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Animal, Vegetable or Mineral returns to the Internet as Akinator. This popular Amstrad game from the 80's, recreated by hundreds of beginners in their programing lessons, is back in the shape of a genie, in a web application to make you have a good time.

Akinator is the web's genie.

Gameplay of Akinator

Think about a character which is difficult to find out and answer the questions asked by Akinator, telling the truth. This web genie will try to guess who you are thinking about based on your answers. The results of the game will surprise you!

Akinator will always guess who you're thinking about.

Have a good time playing with Akinator for free from your browser. Access the Akinator website and find out this fabulous genie's story.

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