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In Alchemy Stars you will take part in strategic turn-based battles on a board with a team of fighters that you can evolve and whose skills you can improve

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RPG games are not usually very original in terms of plot. It is common to find magical kingdoms plunged into darkness that some hero or group of heroes has to liberate. Alchemy Stars takes on this original idea, but you should not worry about that.

Strategic and turn-based combat on a grid

Mainly because what matters is that you are in a strategic and turn-based RPG where you can participate in turn-based fights that combine magic and the most advanced technology. Worth mentioning is the setting, designed by more than 150 artists with all kinds of animations to shape characters and set the battles.

The action of the game takes place on isometric perspective boards. On them, you will fight by launching your warriors against your enemies. You will do this by grids to reach the enemy and have the opportunity to launch attacks with destructive combos.

The characters have also been carefully developed, with a well-defined personality where even the voice actors have been carefully chosen. And all this with a graphic design that stands out for its level of detail and animations.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
3 months ago
3.2 GB

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