Alcoholer has been conceived as a bridge between Clony XXL and four powerful burners. Download Alcoholer for free and create backups of your original discs

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It is convenient to make backups of our video games, films and original audio CDs, to avoid their degradation or in case we happen to lose them. But the majority of these discs are copy protected and don't allow you to make these copies. So to be able to do them, we will have to use an application that is designed to deal with these protections.

  One of the most known applications is Clony XXL, that analyzes any disc we place in the player and detect the protection it uses. To make the most of the advantages offered by Clony XXL, download Alcoholer.

  Alcoholer is a powerful application that has been designed as a bridge between Clony XXL and four of the best disc burners: CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite and GameJack. Thus, from a simple interface it allows you to eliminate the copy protection from the discs and generate the appropriate profiles for their recording. After that, by clicking on a button it will send this configuration to the burning application of our choice.

  Moreover, it integrates the following utilities:
- TwinCreator
- BWA Edit
- DaemonScript

  To be able to make copies of the original disc you will have to have one of the following applications: CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, GameJack or BlindWrite.
Requirements and additional information:
This application requires that you have Clony XXL and one of the recommended burning applications installed prior to its installation. The download requires a RAR compatible compressor.
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