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Algemator is an advanced calculator for solving algebra and trigonometry problems and that features a function for scanning and solving operations

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Having trouble with math? Then you can get some help from Algemator, a calculator for solving all kinds of algebra operations and displaying step-by-step solutions. A perfect tool for problem-solving and supporting the studio, while enabling users to understand the whole process.

Problem-solving with detailed solutions

This is a calculator app that features a wide range of functions for solving math problems from simple algebra to other more advanced operations, such as complex equations, integrals, derivatives, and matrices. But it does not limit itself to algebra, and also features specific trigonometry functions and problem-solving related to geometric forms.

The app features a simple and transparent interface and a keyboard that is tailored to users' needs according to the problem that needs to be solved. Moreover, it allows written problems to be solved thanks to operation scanning and text recognition using OCR technology.

The app stands out due to the wide range of information it offers regarding each operation performed, even showing graphically each of the trigonometry problems, thereby facilitating understanding.

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