Alien Arena

Take all your weapons in Alien Arena, an interstellar science fiction en Alien Arena in which you will have to fight to survive. Download Alien Arena free

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There are multiple FTP (First Person Shooter) games on the market, but up until now we hadn't come across any that developed with such speed and action as Alien Arena.

  This game takes the best ingredients from video game classics like Quake III and Unreal Tournament, and it mixes them with an incredible retro science fiction environment, just like in the old movies from the 60's or Mars Attacks! (to name something a bit more modern).

  It accomplishes all of this thanks to an amazing game engine and a set of graphics that will leave the majority of players astonished. The scenarios in which the battles take place are a faithful reflection of what we could imagine any spaceship or space station to be like, and they vary in size, thus making each battle different.

  With regard to the characters, we have to say that the game offers multiple options, with the possibility to choose between several aliens and humans, each one of which will be armed with different weapons.

  Furthermore, the game allows the player to play on his own, or online against players from all over the world, thanks to a great follower group that makes it possible to find open games at all hours of the day.

  So, if you like action games where you can't lose your concentration for a second or your dead, download and install Alien Arena, it's free.
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