By downloading AlienTube for Firefox you'll be able to view the comments that a video has in Reddit. Get rid of YouTube comments by installing AlienTube

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Have you ever read the comments that some users leave on YouTube videos? To tell the truth, most of them are quite embarrassing or even rather offensive. With AlienTube you can forget about them.

An alternative to YouTube comments.

AlienTube is installed as a browser add-on and offers us alternative comments to those present in the videos posted on YouTube. We're referring to the comments that users leave on Reddit, a well-moderated community in which thousands of interesting topics are discussed.

Opinions that we really appreciate reading

If the video you're watching has been commented on Reddit, you'll be able to find out what its users think about it, whilst you also get rid of the unbearable criticism that many users leave on YouTube.

If available, the comments on a video will appear separated by tabs to distinguish the different conversation threads or subreddits.

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