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All-in-One Secretmaker gathers many computer defensive and protection tools in a single program. Download All-in-One Secretmaker free on your computer

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Many people like to choose specific applications to try to defend their computer against all kinds of external attacks and third-party applications, that slow down the use of the computer and make browsing the Internet a lot slower. But wouldn't it be better to use a single software application for this purpose? We have to say yes because by using multiple applications we will end up clogging our computer's memory, the ideal solution is All-in-One Secretmaker.

Main functions

This software gathers multiple tools to defend and look after our computer in a single application, among which we will find:

  • Protection against SPAM and worms: That will allow us to teach the application so to avoid receiving any unwanted mail, at the same time that it will search for any trail of worms that try to infect our computer.
  • Protection against intruders and spyware: This contains different elements that will allow us to defend against intruders and unwanted publicity (banners and the bothersome PopUp).
  • Tracking and profiling protection: Thanks to these tools we will be able to eliminate cookies, use an anonymous proxy and to make sure our privacy is secure in general.
  • Protection for hidden data: Five tools that will allow us to delete all the trails that we leave behind when we use our computer.
  • Encryption services: That allow us to use different kinds of encryption to protect our data, save and even generate our passwords.

So, if you need a multipurpose software application that will allow you to protect your computer in several different ways, download and install All-in-One Secretmaker.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Works on Windows XP or earlier only.
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Antony Peel
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