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6.3 AllMedia Grabber will allow you to get ahold of all the music, the images and the hidden videos within the files and libraries that you have on your PC
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Many of the libraries and files that are stored on a computer contain multimedia elements, that can only be accessed from the application that they were developed for. But now, thanks to AllMedia Grabber it will be possible to extract that material to be able to use it with other programs and in other projects.

Get hold of multimedia elements of any web

The interface of AllMedia Grabber is very simple, when you open the program you will see a sidebar similar to that of the Windows Explorer, in which you will have to select the folder or the file that you want to analyze to search for multimedia contents. And once selected you will only have to wait for the program to analyze it.

Once the analysis has finished, AllMedia Grabber will let the user know about all the files that it has found and stored. The user will be able to access these file according to their format, with an additional division to differentiate between image files and audio and video files. Therefore, if you have files on your computer that contain music or images that you are interested, download and install AllMedia Grabber.

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Scott McLure
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