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Thanks to ALLPasswrod Manager you won't have to remember each one of your accounts. Download ALLPassword Manager free to login to any web automatically

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The vast amount of user names and passwords used by each user to browse over the Internet shouldn't workout being a drawback. That is why tools like ALLPassword Manager exist, capable of remembering all the authentication details for you.

Create your own account in the tool and start browsing your favorite websites. When you input your access data, ALLPassword Manager will capture them and input them in the application's database, in other words, the URL, the user name and the access password. ALLPassword Manager will remember all this data the next time that you try to access a web or service.

Password manager for all your sessions and forms

ALLPassword Manager works together with your Internet Explorer browser, the only one that it supports for the moment. It offers the possibility to create backup copies of the data and export them as CSV to be used on another computer.

You will be able to establish different security levels, that will allow you to deactivate the automatic fill-in of the master access password to your account within the application.

If you want to make sure that you don't have problems accessing your different user accounts and access passwords you need a manager, something that you will find if you download ALLPassword Manager free on your computer.

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