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AllPeers is an add-on for Firefox to share files using P2P technology. You can now create your own private network to share files thanks to AllPeers

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P2P technology makes it much easier for users to share files with each other. Many download programs are based on P2P, and AllPeers makes use of those same foundations. It is an add-on that allows you to share files by means of Firefox.

Your network for sharing

AllPeers creates a sort of customised social network with your contacts. What it really does is create a private network to exchange files point-to-point, just like the so-called BitTorrent network. However, there is a significant difference: AllPeers can only be used by users with permissions.

Features of AllPeers

  • Share files online by means of Firefox.
  • Access shared material on your browser.
  • No size or format limits.
  • Works offline.
  • Enable or disable the function whenever you want.

How to use AllPeers

Start off by creating a list of trustworthy contacts, such as friends and family, who will also have to install the add-on. Then you will be able to start sharing files with them by means of the browser.

AllPeers avoids the traditional philosophy of P2P programs that encourage massive downloads. Here all users are identified and have their own network to communicate.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The functions of this plug-in are limited to the downloads from BitTorrent.
  • Requires Firefox 2.0.
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