With AlphaChess you will enjoy interesting games of chess. Download AlphaChess for free to practice and become one of the best chess players in the world

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If you like strategy, you will probably like chess. One of the most popular table games worldwide, that isn't only considered as a game, but also as a sport, and even a science.

  And like in any sport, the secrete to become a chess master is to practice. To do so, we now have an application that will help you train no matter what you level is. It is called AlphaChess.

  AlphaChess is the classic chess game developed to be enjoyed on a PC. And it is a free application that offers quite a few advanced functions, and at the same time, it is very simple and easy to use for rookies.

  The options available in AlphaChess are:
- Play against the machine or against another player.
- "Learning" mode, that shows you all the valid moves for each piece.
- Different difficulty levels.
- Possibility to adjust the machine's search levels (2-8).
- 5 predefined color themes, and the possibility to make completely personalized adjustments.
- Customize the sound of each piece.
- 18 different sets of pieces available.
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