Alt-Tab Replacement

Alt-Tab Replacement is a tool that improves the functions of the Alt + Tabulator shortcut. Download Alt-Tab Replacement and improve how you use Windows

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Alt-Tab Replacement is an interesting application that improves the functions of the Windows Alt + Tab shortcut. This key combination is very useful to easily switch applications or documents when you have various windows open. The problem resides in the fact that without this application we don't see enough information to be able to recognize the window that we want to use.

  The classic Windows Alt + Tab shortcut allows the user to alternate between the various programs and documents that we have open. This option is already very useful, but Alt-Tab Replacement improves it, because it shows more information about the applications: it shows the logo and name of the program selected, a preview of the program and the logos of the rest of open applications. Once you have selected the one you want, you can let go of the shortcut and the window will open.

  Alt-Tab Replacement can really come in very handy when when you have various windows of the same application open, because you will have more information and you will be able to select the one that you want easily.

  Try Alt-Tab Replacement and improve the browsing options of Windows.
Requirements and additional information:
Works on Windows XP only.
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