Altered Beast

Altered Beast for Windows is the version of classic action arcade game developed by SEGA in the 80's that takes us to a world of terror and Greek mythology

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One of the greatest hits on arcade machines and video consoles, much before the arrival of PS2, PS3, PS4, and company, was definitely Altered Beast. It was 1988 when this SEGA game became a success on the video consoles of back then, including the Master System and the Mega Drive.

This title placed in the world of classic Greek mythology since our mission was to rescue Athena, Zeus' daughter, from her captors. She was kidnapped by Neff and Zeus himself had asked us to help him out with the rescue mission.

The game takes us through 5 different levels in which we'll face up against all sorts of enemies and creatures of the Hades who will try to make things difficult for us, as well as all those bosses that we'll come across at the end of each level.

Main features

In this classic beat'em up game we'll find all the following features and functions:

  • Five levels full of enemies and the corresponding final bosses.
  • Transformations into different beasts such as bears, tigers, dragons, and wolves.
  • Power-ups to boost your strength and attacks.
  • Retro graphics.

As you can imagine, the game conserves the graphical aspect and variety of movements of any typical game from back then. In other words, if you had the chance to play it on any of the platforms for which it was released, you won't have any trouble playing this remastered version for Windows.

It's definitely one of the greatest SEGA hits in terms of action video games from the 80s'. Such a success has led it to become part of the recent SEGA Forever collection that the company has re-edited for smartphones and tablets. It's a compilation of old titles that have been remastered in APK format for Android and also for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad.

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