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Enter the underworld of Altered Beast for Android, the classic game that's now back and adapted to smartphones and tablets keeping all its original charm

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Remember when you had to download a ROM to be able to play Altered Beast on your phone? Well, you no longer need any emulators of the Mega Drive or other video consoles because SEGA has finally released a version for Android smartphones and tablets (and if you want to play it on your PC there's no need to download the APK as there's a native version for Windows).

This beat'em up was released in 1988 for arcade machines and was a huge success on other platforms such as Master System, Mega Drive or Spectrum. The Japanese company has re-edited it within its SEGA Forever collection that includes remastered classic for mobile phones, including iPhone.

One of the best beat'em ups!

This arcade about hitting out at everything that moves set in the world of classic Greek mythology, with undead and other beings from the Hades, that will have to defeat in order to rescue Athena. It's a consistent and complex plot that's almost unbeatable that introduces us to one of the best games of the beat'em up genre: the main character will advance facing up against dozens of enemies that he will have to kick and punch to defeat them.

Action and terror in Ancient Greece.

If back then you enjoyed this title, there's not much more for us to say, but if you're from the Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana generation, you might need us to tell you about the functions and features that you can enjoy:

  • Five levels with its own battles and final bosses.
  • Transform into different beasts to acquire super powers: wolf, bear, tiger, dragon...
  • Get hold of magical powers to boost your strength and attacks.
  • Explore the Classic Greece and descend to the underworld.
  • Use the same codes as the original game.
  • Play offline: there's no need to have an Internet connection.
  • Compatible with wireless gamepads.

Don't hesitate to download this SEGA classic that's part of the pack that includes titles of the likes of Sonic, Phantasy Star II or Comix Zone and that's available from both Google Play and the App Store.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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