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4.0 Lite If you have a web account with AlterWind Log Analyzer. Analyze the traffic statistics that your website generates once you download AlterWind Log Analyzer
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Compiling and analyzing a websites statistics is a task that can be done in various ways, from including monitoring codes to reading the registries. All the forms allow us to form a general idea of a sites success, but analyzing the logs is considered the most precise way of doing it. Since the logs are text files, the quickest way of analyzing them is with a software that synthesizes the data like AlterWind Log Analyzer.

  Once we have input the logs that we want to analyze, AlterWind Log Analyzer will detect the dates and will allow us to synthesize any information that they contain. This can include from visits, to the countries, the words searched, the pages that have been accessed or the exact time.

  All this data is presented in web format, making it very easy to understand and check, thus helping to devise strategies to improve them.

  The amount of visits that a website receives is one of the main indicators of its success, so that the more we know about how the users behave, the more possibilities we will have of improving our website's potential.
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Scott McLure
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