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With Always On AMOLED, you will be able to configure the screen of your device so that it is always on with the information you need and want to see

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The AMOLED technology lets, among other things, that the screens can be turned on with only the necessary pixels. This way, we can block it without losing sight of data such as the time while maintaining a reduced consumption of the resources of the device. If your phone has it, then, you may be interested in downloading Always On AMOLED.

Set the lock screen to display accurate information

This is an app that lets us configure the lock screen on a smartphone while keeping the information we consider indispensable. It is very easy to configure through a simple and sober menu of options that offers the following functions and features:

  • Displays on-screen notifications from different apps, as well as time and weather information, without having to turn on the device.
  • Set and predefine some rules for saving battery.
  • Sets an automatic movement of the information displayed on the screen to prevent pixel burning.
  • Automates the night mode.
  • Create gestural shortcuts to unlock the screen.
  • Force the orientation of the screen.
  • Customize the information by changing the color of the text as well as its size and brightness.

If you want to download and use this app to customize the operation of your Android, you will need to authorize permissions such as camera, access to recognize incoming calls, and those that let you modify the system settings.

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Manuel Sánchez
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