6.5.4 AM-Notebook has a notepad, an organized, alarm and a list of contacts. Download AM-Notebook free on your computer and organize all your tasks and contacts
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AM-Notebook is a complete tool that offers multiple functions. It is a notepad where you will be able to take all kinds of notes, an organizer in which to write down tasks, a contact list where to save telephones and addresses, and an alarm to remember your appointments.

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As a notepad, this application is very complete and can actually seem similar to a text processor due to the large number of tools that it offers. AM-Notebook allows you to manage all your notes and, furthermore, it supports various formats and can even insert images and objects.

Another important function is the calendar, on which you will be able to write down the several tasks that you have to complete, classifying them by colors. With AM-Notebook you will be able to indicate the date and the time that the tasks start and their ending, to have control of the amount of time you have available. You will also be able to program alarms to let you know on a specific date or every certain amount of time. Another interesting feature of AM-Notebook is that it allows you to backup all your notes in a file.

Requirements and additional information:
  • During the installation you have to choose between the Lite version, that is free for personal use or the Pro version with more functions, but with a time limit.
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Antony Peel
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