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aMSN is a clone of the popular Messenger program specially designed for Linux environments. Send and receive messages from your contacts and friends

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The most used tool to communicate in real time over the Internet is Live Messenger, but Microsoft haven't made a version of their popular instant messaging client available for Linux users, so if we want to enjoy this instant messaging service on our distribution, we must resort to developments like aMSN.

  This application is a clone of the Microsoft client and offers us almost the same functions: send online and offline messages, send and receive files, use all kinds of emoticons, carry out video conferences and maintain a registry of the conversation that we have had.

  But aMSN also includes some extra functions that can be very practical like managing conversations by means of tabs, opening various accounts at the same time, using plug-ins to have new communication options or using skins to customize the clients appearance.

  If you want to communicate with your friends and family over Live Messenger or MSN Messenger and you are looking for an efficient and stable client for Linux, don't think twice and download aMSN as soon as possible.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires that you have Tcl/Tk 8.5 installed and the libraries indicated during the compilation.
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