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Amua es a simple tool to manage the popular digital radio. Download Amua free now and write and control your music comfortably on your Mac

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Amua is a small application that integrates discreetly on your desktop, with which you will be able to control the playback of your favorite music over This radio via Internet, that is also a social network, and a music recommendation system, allows to create profiles and listen to your favorite music. But if you don't want to have to access their website each time you want to listen to music, Amua will allow you to manage this digital radio.

  This application will allow you to interact with you account. You will only have to search for the music that you want to listen to, and Amua will automatically connect to the chosen broadcast. Even though the songs will be played by means of iTunes, from Amua you will be able to pass the songs that you don't like, tag those that you have like most and indicate those you don't want to be played again.

  Amua also allows to access the information of the album that you are listening to and to the full details of the song. You will be able to simply manage your account, and customize your profile with the songs that you like most.

  Try Amua and you will see how your experience improves.
Requirements and additional information:
This application requires that you have iTunes installed and are connected to Internet.
Mathis & Simon Hofer
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