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AndroDumpper is an application for Android devices with which you can find out the passwords of routers from your phone by means of brute-force attacks

App to audit the security of WiFi networks

February 18, 2019
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Why do they call it network auditing if they mean stealing your neighbor's WiFi? Call it however you want, but AndroDumpper is an application designed to try to access WiFi networks for which you haven't got the password. It's a legal app since it was initially conceived for you to diagnose the security level of your own home connection... as you'll be able to read in the app.

Application to break into wireless networks

This is the main purpose of downloading this APK, accessing a wireless network without knowing its password. We have to point out that it isn't possible on all networks as it depends on their security level but it's always worth trying it out. It comes along with a well-designed interface and a great presentation, unlike other applications of the same nature that are usually quite chaotic. However, it's full of adverts. Don't say we didn't warn you.

So you've landed on this page looking for an app to audit your home network... I see...

You won't need any kind of tutorial to learn how to use this Android application. You only need to know that there are two methods to access WiFi networks with this app:

  • Root method: for rooted devices and is compatible with any operating system.
  • No root method: smartphones and tablets without super-user permissions can make use of its functions if they run Android 5.0 or above. So if you've got an Android 4.4.4 you can forget about using it... unless you root it, of course.

The creator of AndroDumpper (WPS Connect) has also created a dictionary with keys to be combined with a brute-force attack that can be viewed in a file uploaded by the developer to Google Drive. Bear in mind that this is the method used by the weakest security systems.

In any case, we should remind you that stealing is evil, so only use this app to check if your network is safe. Any other use is naughty.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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