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Protect your files once you download Androsa FileProtector. With it you will be able to encrypt and protect your files. Download Androsa FileProtector free

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Androsa FileProtector is an encryption software application that is easy to use and powerful, that will help you to maximize the security of your files. If you want to encrypt any file so that nobody can open it without knowing the password, this software has the most advanced encryption systems.

Options available

To accomplish the best encryption, Androsa FileProtector allows to use:

  • 256-bit / 192-bit / 128-bit AES.
  • 192-bit TripleDES.
  • 64-bit DES.

And if this wasn't enough, it includes several methods to obtain secure passwords when it comes to encrypting data.

The integration of this software with Windows is perfect, becoming yet another option in the context menu awaiting for you to indicate the exact security that it has to provide. Furthermore, if you download Androsa FileProtector you will also have the possibility to compress the files. So as well as allowing us to gain security, it also provides a method to save space.

On the other hand, the software includes tools to make sure that no files are damaged during the encryption or decryption process.

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Antony Peel
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