Angel's Vox

Angel's Vox is an audio player specifically developed to play audiobooks on the computer. Enjoy your best audiobooks on your computer with Angel's Vox

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Audiobooks started gaining in popularity at the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, because they are a very good way for people with eyesight problems to be able to keep on enjoying books, and thus it isn't strange for developments like Angel's Vox to appear on the market, an audio player that has been developed specifically to listen to audiobooks on a computer.

What makes it different from a normal player?

One of the main differences between Angel's Vox and any other player is that it allows to modify the playback speed, thus the user will be able to accelerate the reading of those text that he considers easier to understand, at the same time that he will have the possibility to slow down the speed of any text that he may have found difficult to understand. Something that can come in very hand when studying a foreign language.

Other features

Among the other features of Angel's Vox it' worth highlighting:

  • Multiple interface skins.
  • Support for the most common audiobook formats (MP3, WAV, OGG and MP4).
  • It saves the volume, the playback speed, the lasts track played and the exact position on each of the audiobooks that are integrated into it audiobook.
  • Integration with the audiobooks download software developed by the same developed, Audiobook Downloader.

One of the most curious features, yet equally interesting, of Angel's Vox is the sleep timer that allows the user to define a specific time or period of time after which the computer will turn off or enter a suspension status, with the added possibility to lower the playback volume during the last few minutes. Something specially interesting for those people that like falling asleep while listening to their favorite audiobooks.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy audiobooks on your computer, you only have to download Angel's Vox.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version shows a reminder every 20 minutes. Software
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