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Just like Clash Royale, Angry Birds Evolution for Android offers you the possibility to gather a collection of birds to fight in online turn-based battles

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We've already seen all sorts of Angry Birds games: from the most classic titles to adventures or races, as well as themed games such as their own Star Wars version. Now they're back with an online turn-based strategy game that reminds us of titles of the likes of Clash Royale and even Pokémon. We're talking about Angry Birds Evolution, with the same characters as always together with those that first appeared in the movie.

It's a turn-based battle game in which we'll face against players from all over the world in 1v1 combats. The fights basically consist in launching birds against our enemies on a board, trying to knock them all down to damage as many enemy pigs as possible. There are dozens of birds available and over 90 kinds of egg-snatching pigs to fight against.

Make your Angry Birds evolve

As we said, to fight against the pigs you're going to have to make your birds evolve so that they acquire more powers and skills. You'll have to face up against more than 90 egg-stealing pigs of all sorts: tourists, pirates, ninjas...

Furthermore, you've also got the possibility to earn rewards and extra prizes thanks to the weekly missions thanks to which you can add more unusual birds to your team. You can play by yourself or with your clan mates, in order to turn your team into the strongest clan of Bird Island and lead the rankings.

The combats take place in an Oinktagon, a fighting ring in which all the player versus player tournaments will take place and where you'll have to master the pigball, the favorite pastime on this island.

Make your bird evolve from an egg to a killing machine.

Main features

  • Collect and evolve a flock of birds with over 100 new species.
  • Create a team and combine superpowers, and make the birds evolve to their ultimate form.
  • 5 bird types with unique powers.
  • A full island to be explored in order to stop Bacon Corp.
  • Face up against other players in the Oinktagon.
  • Join clans to unlock advantages, compete against other clans, and chat with clan mates.
  • Send explorers to search for rewards and challenges.

This Angry Birds game intends to compete with other similar games that are in fashion at present: all those successful online multiplayer turn-based strategy games out there. One of the very few genres that the creatures of Rovio hadn't yet tried out...

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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