With AnimatLab you will be able to create the body of animal and see how it copes in a virtual world. Download AnimatLab free and create your own creatures

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Have you ever thought of creating your own animal species? With AnimatLab it is possible. It is an application that combines biomechanical simulation and realistic biological neural networks. In other words, a machine that allows to create the body of an animal, machine or robot and place it in a world created by you with physics and interactive that are specific and realistic.

It is basically a body editor that allows to create muscles, bones and other elements and provide them with a behavior. After that, by means of a neural system editor, you will be able to create circuits with different kinds of neurons. With AnimatLab you will be able to observe how you creations move and develop in a specific habitat, and how their conduct and behavior changes depending on the different stimulus that they are exposed to.

If you don't know how to start using AnimatLab, you will always be able to check the examples and tutorials that can be found within the application. As you get more familiar with the system you will be able to create more complex elements.

Download AnimatLab and create new animal species in an environment created by you.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It requires that Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is installed.

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