Another Matrix Screen Saver

1.0 Download Another Matrix Screen Saver for free, a Matrix screensaver that emulates the traditional black background with the green letters cascading down
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If you like the Matrix film trilogy you will remember the famous screen with the green letters cascading down over a black background which the main characters used to enter the world of Matrix. It is probably one of the most characteristic images, and now you will be able to use it as your personal computer's screensaver thanks to Another Matrix Screen Saver.


  • Screensaver based on the Matrix film.
  • Letter cascade formed by letters, numbers and oriental typography in all orientations.
  • Modify the speed and density of the character rain as well as the size.
  • Use different types of fonts.

This screensaver includes a simple configuration tool where you will be able to define its behavior or create customized encoded messages.

Do you want to enter the Matrix?

Transform your computer into another piece of the Matrix. If you want to feel like Neo and Co. you should download Another Matrix Screen Saver free. You might not be able to dodge bullets or levitate, but you computer's screen would convince Morpheus or the Oracle.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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